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Merry Christmas! Simple things anyone can do for improved digital hygiene

The holiday season is a great time to talk to loved ones about how we can all improve the ways we use technology and the Internet. There are many areas of concern around protecting your interests and information online. It … Continue reading

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Exploring a Center for a People-Centered Internet

This weekend, I was honored to join Vint Cerf, Mei Lin Fung, and a host of others in a discussion about what a “People-Centered Internet” would look like, and how to bring it about. Mei Lin invited me to bring … Continue reading

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Work of Wikipedians and Wikimedians preserves history

On this day 47 years ago (October 16, 1968), two black American sprinters took advantage their moment on a global stage, when they — with a white Australian — quietly directed the world’s attention to the deep racial injustices that run through our … Continue reading

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Panel: How can you write an open access encyclopedia in a closed access world?

Video archive part 1 and part 2 Much knowledge has always been locked away, throughout history. It’s inaccessible — or expensive to access — for all but a privileged few. Two Internet-era social movements have sought to change that: Wikipedia, which … Continue reading

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If Wikipedia required Open Access sources, it would be a lot less useful

Starting in 2008 I wrote a Wikipedia article on a proposed casino, to be built in the Columbia River Gorge. I wrote the article because I believed it was an important topic (and an Oregonian reporter and a Harvard scholar agreed); but … Continue reading

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Outernet edit-a-thon

I was recently introduced to Thane Richard, founder of Outernet, and was honored to help him think through the design of Outernet’s first edit-a-thon, held this weekend. Much like our Wikipedia Barn Raising (a year ago to the day!), Thane planned an … Continue reading

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Using Wikisource to make old photos more accessible

Wikipedia is mainly an effort to preserve existing knowledge. One thing Wikipedians like to do is to preserve old photos that have become part of the public domain. This can mean illustrating a Wikipedia article; but another goal is to give everybody direct … Continue reading

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A Wikipedia portrait anchors a sports star’s place in history

Back in 2009, the Oregon Ducks’ star running back (college football) was suspended for most of the season, following a post-game flare-up in the nationally televised season opener. With rumors and hyperbole flying all over the Internet, I decided to … Continue reading

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COLT paper released under free license

Dr. Robert Cummings and I published the paper COLT: A Proposed Center for Open Teaching and Learning in the proceedings of the 2011 WikiSym conference, published by ACM. We hold the copyright, and we release it under the terms of … Continue reading

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Wikimedia Commons: An evolving community; far from “ethically broken”

This week, an email list discussion I took part in ballooned to 70 messages. It started with concerns about an image of a pile of corpses, featured on the front page of Wikimedia Commons; but it turned into an argument … Continue reading

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