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Wikipedia’s ban of Daily Mail exposes news publisher flaws

Who doesn’t love a good media feud? As reported by the Guardian on February 8, the English language Wikipedia has (mostly) banned the Daily Mail as an acceptable source for citation, after declaring it “unreliable”. The report touched a nerve; the Mail swiftly issued … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, controversy, and an acclaimed documentary

The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary about sexual assault on college campuses exposed conflicts of interest, malfeasance and cover-ups. To learn about a complex topic—especially if powerful institutions have a major stake in it—we rely on experts. People who devote … Continue reading

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No, Congresswoman: WikiLeaks has nothing to do with Wikipedia

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston is the latest prominent figure to confuse Wikipedia with WikiLeaks. This confusion goes back many years; it often flares up when WikiLeaks releases capture the public’s attention. In 2010, for instance, when WikiLeaks released … Continue reading

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ACTRIAL: Wikipedia volunteer leadership should be recognized

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is inviting commentary on how to recognize and encourage informal leadership in the volunteer community. (The consultation runs from September 20 through October 16, 2016.) This is a welcome initiative; the Wikimedia movement has not done … Continue reading

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What will be our Taj Mahal of text?

A slide flashed on the screen—the Taj Mahal. The audience was initially taken by its physical beauty.  But upon closer inspection, we were told, one would find much of the text of the Koran chiseled into this wonder  of the … Continue reading

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Future of Text Symposium talk

Wikipedia is important to the future, and important to text. Future of Text 2016 slides Text-based, honors the legacy of text Collaborative: Hundreds of thousands of volunteers Preserves values of journalism, academia Journalists & academics resist the pull – to … Continue reading

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Open Innovation Communities (for AOM)

Some thoughts and links about Wikipedia, to support the Professional Development Workshop led by Joe Cox at the 2016 Academy of Management annual meeting. What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the largest, and most widely read, publication in history; but perhaps … Continue reading

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French Wikipedians discuss conflict of interest, paid editing

Editor’s note: Readers of this blog may be familiar with the ongoing controversies around paid editing on the English language Wikipedia. (See here for our past writings on the topic.) Wikipedia editors struggle with a number of issues around paid … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Six hopes for the next 15 years

This post was originally published on Wikipedia is an unheralded crown jewel of the Internet. And today, it turns 15! Founded before current titans like Facebook and YouTube (and even before predecessors like MySpace and Friendster), Wikipedia has shown … Continue reading

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Wikimedia Foundation’s strong step toward good governance

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) today took an important step toward running its finances in a more transparent and accountable way. Luis Villa, the WMF’s Senior Director of Community Engagement, explained (see video clip below, ~10 minutes) how the organization had incorporated a … Continue reading

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