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If Wikipedia required Open Access sources, it would be a lot less useful

Starting in 2008 I wrote a Wikipedia article on a proposed casino, to be built in the Columbia River Gorge. I wrote the article because I believed it was an important topic (and an Oregonian reporter and a Harvard scholar agreed); but … Continue reading

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Wikipedia cofounder misrepresents the site’s rules on paid editing

Please scroll down for Jimmy Wales’ responses to this on Facebook and Quora, outlined in red. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is, unsurprisingly, frequently approached by reporters as a top authority on the site. For instance, the article “Wikipedia struggles to save its … Continue reading

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Journalism and Wikipedia: A discussion in San Francisco

We hosted a discussion, with the meetup group Hacks & Hackers, last week: The Future of Journalism in a Wikipedia World. (original announcement & description) My colleague Dan Cook and I wanted to engage journalists to share some of our own … Continue reading

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Read between the lines: Wikipedia’s inner workings revealed

Since it launched in 2001, Wikipedia has become the most widely-viewed source of original content in the world. But the way it’s built is utterly different from other publications: newspapers, books, traditional encyclopedias. Most of us have a basic understanding how a … Continue reading

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PR firm covertly edits the Wikipedia entries of its celebrity clients

How a big Hollywood firm altered Naomi Campbell’s entry Recently, Wiki Strategies was informed about the Wikipedia exploits of public relations firm Sunshine Sachs. Since Wikipedia’s editing history is preserved for all to see, we asked freelance journalist Jack Craver … Continue reading

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An author improves his Wikipedia bio

This spring, we worked with bestselling author Stephen Baker, who had a longstanding — but easily corrected — Wikipedia problem. We guided him in adding citations and making some updates to his biography, which had been flagged for insufficient citations … Continue reading

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Philip Roth’s lingering stain on Wikipedia’s reputation

Philip Roth was feeling irked. Wikipedia’s writeup (as of 2012) of his bestselling novel, The Human Stain, was (he contended) inaccurate; and despite Roth’s efforts to correct it through private correspondence, Wikipedia’s cadre of volunteer editors wouldn’t budge. At issue: … Continue reading

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A Wikipedia portrait anchors a sports star’s place in history

Back in 2009, the Oregon Ducks’ star running back (college football) was suspended for most of the season, following a post-game flare-up in the nationally televised season opener. With rumors and hyperbole flying all over the Internet, I decided to … Continue reading

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When the PR industry does PR for itself

This week, several major Public Relations firms issued an announcement about their intentions toward Wikipedia. The headlines capture the spirit of the announcement nicely: “Major PR firms agree not to edit clients’ Wikipedia entries“ -SF Chronicle “Top PR Firms Promise … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports on the value of a Wikipedian in Residence

Last year, Wiki Strategies helped the respected non-profit Consumer Reports (CR) explore working with Wikipedia to advance the shared goal of providing factual, verifiable information to the public. As a result, CR launched a “Wikipedian in Residence” program in conjunction … Continue reading

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