Communicate OER: building content and building community

Communicate OER poster at the 2012 World OER Congress in Paris, with project leads Sara Frank Bristow and Pete Forsyth.

Today, the big news from UNESCO’s World OER Congress is the approval of the Paris Open Education Declaration. This long-deliberated document reflects the desire of governments and organizations around the world to develop educational resources in a free, open, collaborative manner.

Communicate OER is a new project, supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, that is enabling supporters of openness in education to broadly communicate our shared history and knowledge.

Many of us are leaving the congress – whether we participated in person or via streaming videos – with new knowledge about the history and potential of Open Educational Resources, with pockets full of business cards from colleagues all over the world, and with Twitter streams full of new names.

As we return to our daily routines, how will we put all this learning and networking to good use? How can we take advantage of this unique moment?

By participating in Communicate OER’s workshops, you can learn to direct your shared expertise and passion for OER toward improving the world’s largest and most widely read publication: Wikipedia. This open wiki platform encourages us all to “be bold” in improving its content, but a little training and support can make a big difference for new Wikipedia contributors. In addition to improving articles relating to OER, we aim to strengthen our community of practice, by learning wiki skills and OER history together. We will work on articles like Open Educational Resources and Open Educational Practices, as well as more specific articles about OER repositories, free licenses, important initiatives, etc.

Please indicate your interest in joining us by submitting your contact information on this form. Join us in bringing our passion for openness in education to a mainstream, worldwide audience!


About Pete Forsyth

Pete Forsyth is the principal of Wiki Strategies, and a Wikipedia expert. Full bio here:
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