Ethical editing

Wiki Strategies works with clients who share our respect for Wikipedia as a neutral and fact-based platform, and who agree to adhere to its policies and to additional principles that promote transparency and accountability. Wiki Strategies also endorses the Wikimedia movement’s 2010–2015 Strategic Plan, a document incorporating the work of 1,000 volunteers, guiding the way toward fulfillment of Wikipedia’s vision to help all humanity share in all knowledge.

Wikipedia was founded as “the encyclopedia anyone can edit.” But of course, people and organizations often want to make edits that are motivated by their own interests, rather than a desire to build a high-quality encyclopedia.

Over the years, Wikipedia contributors have developed policies and guidelines that help resolve arguments about content. The most central are known as the “Five Pillars”:

  • Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia.
  • Wikipedia has a neutral point of view.
  • Wikipedia is free content.
  • Wikipedians should interact in a respectful and civil manner.
  • Wikipedia does not have firm rules.

The Conflict of Interest guideline is of particular significance to Wiki Strategies’ work. That guideline is summarized as follows:

Do not edit Wikipedia to promote your own interests, or those of other individuals or of organizations, including employers. Do not write about these things unless you are certain that a neutral editor would agree that your edits improve Wikipedia.

Wiki Strategies works exclusively with clients seeking to genuinely contribute to Wikipedia. Organizations who seek to promote their own interest without regard for Wikipedia’s policies and values should look elsewhere – or, preferably, rethink their approach to Wikipedia.

As a basis for a productive working relationship – both with Wiki Strategies and with the Wikipedia editing community – our clients publicly disclose their connection to the content they edit in a clear, unambiguous way. In addition, in projects that focus narrowly on articles that involve a conflict of interest, we at Wiki Strategies do not add content to Wikipedia on our clients’ behalf; instead, we instruct and advise our clients on how to approach their desired changes.

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