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This week I published an op-ed piece:

Let me tell you a story about Ron. Well, his name isn’t Ron. But everything else in this story is true.

Ron and I arrived at a social function. Ron assigned himself to the snack table. A few bites in, a crumb of chip buckled under the guacamole it supported, tumbled out of his mouth, and—after ricocheting off his teeth and through his formidable beard—landed squarely back in the middle of the bowl of guacamole. Ron didn’t glance around to see who noticed—what would be the point? He had a job to do. He reached for another chip.

The full piece is on Zocalo Public Square; an edited version ran on USA Today’s Opinion page, and in several other Gannett papers.Big thanks to the Op Ed Project, Eugene Eric Kim, Dan Cook, Robert Deutsch, and many others for helping me pull this together!

At last count, the USA Today page listed 244 Facebook shares and 87 Tweets.

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