About us

Wiki Strategies provides consulting services for organizations engaging with Wikipedia and other collaborative communities.

Our clients are often looking to add factual information, remove inaccurate or inappropriate content, or address issues that have resulted in unsightly banners at the top of articles. We also work with organizations interested in improving a broad topic area on Wikipedia. Typical engagements begin with an in-depth needs assessment, training on what Wikipedia can and cannot provide, and setting goals; we then craft and help execute a strategy for meeting those goals.

Wiki Strategies offers deep expertise in Wikipedia engagement and professional writing. In addition to an extensive background in technical writing, strategic planning, and journalism, we offer over a decade of experience with a wide variety of Wikipedia articles and editing communities. We work exclusively with clients who share our high regard for Wikipedia’s mission, policies, and culture – and especially for Wikipedia’s Conflict of Interest Guideline.

See also: Wiki Strategies statement of ethics