Pete Forsyth

Pete Forsyth

Pete Forsyth
photo by Ellis Christopher, CC BY 3.0


Pete Forsyth is a Wikipedia expert, adept in the collaborative processes that have produced the world’s most extensive and most widely read body of knowledge. He helps organizations engage with Wikipedia to achieve their goals, while honoring the core policies and values of the site.

Mr. Forsyth began writing Wikipedia articles in 2006, focusing on the history of his home state of Oregon. He has served as Editor in Chief of the Signpost, a community newspaper covering Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement. He is a founder of WikiProject Oregon, a dynamic group of Wikipedians which coordinates collaborative projects and engages with local institutions, and served on the Advisory Board of the GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium, performing similar functions nationwide.

Mr. Forsyth was a key architect of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative, a project that helped university courses engage with Wikipedia’s peer production practices. The foundation’s Wikipedia Education Program and the Wiki Education Foundation both grew out of this work; both support instructors in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

Pete Forsyth is a Senior Editor on the English language Wikipedia.

Mr. Forsyth’s projects with Wiki Strategies have ranged from guiding clients to improve a single Wikipedia article to designing programs that engage large numbers of Wikipedia volunteers, including designing and teaching a six week online course on editing Wikipedia. He has spoken about Wikipedia to audiences at Ivy League universities and community groups, from Poland to California.